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LORAIN, Ohio — Beaten. Neglected. Starved.

That’s how all of us were first introduced to Herbie, a dog found barely alive on December 2.

The pit-bull mix was spotted on the tree lawn of an abandoned home on West 11th Street in Lorain, by Patrolman Rick Broz. Herbie was excruciatingly underweight, blind in one eye and had a fractured skull.

Thanks to the love and support of people all over the world, the pup who never gave up, has made unthinkable strides towards a more comfortable life, despite doctors’ recent discovery of inoperable cancer.

Herbie’s story has helped to catapult a much-debated issue into the spotlight: the push for stricter animal cruelty laws in Ohio.

Despite the biting-cold temperatures Saturday night, a large group of Herbie supporters gathered at Lakeview Park in Lorain as a call for action from local officials to add more rescue facilities and…

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