Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Lily, a bear with a bounty on her head

It is so cruel and hard when you have studied and cared for so many years to see your sweet animal dead by a careless hunter. THE LUCK OF RESPECT FOR ALL WILDLIFE HEARTS AND I am afraid there is no hope at all.

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


Lily’s cub Hope

“(I have) a feeling of emptiness worse than some of the people I have lost.” — Lynn Rogers, bear biologist, when his favorite research wild bear, June, was targeted and killed by hunters.

For over 45 years, biologist Lynn Rogers has learned from black bears. He opened the North American Bear Education Center in Ely, Minnesota, in 2007 to educate people about the timid, intelligent, shy and non-aggressive nature of our native black bears.

Living bears are fascinating and fun. Killing bears is violent and cruel. Oct. 13 marked the end of this year’s DNR-sanctioned execution of 4,750 black bears, mostly cubs, which were hunted using dogs and bait.

Rogers had studied black bears for over two decades when he arrived in Eagle’s Nest, Minnesota. He had rarely seen the bears he was studying except from the air. Like many…

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