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Regrettably, this posting was delayed…

The killing of another 4,750 of our native black bears, mostly cubs, over dogs and bait – as the public does nothing to stop it – ended for this year – adding up to over 32,000 bears killed in the past seven artificially concocted obscenely cruel «seasons». Even Dave MacFarland, bear biologist on the DNR payroll, admits that bear populations would regulate and normalize themselves.  «There are plenty of bears (to kill) » MacFarland tells me.  Like the heavily manipulated deer population, the DNR killing business relies on the «rebound effect» of populations trying to survive after a horrific assault of terror on their clans.

I have left up the petition against the annual bear slaughter because this will go on and on and on until, like quail, lynx, cougars, sharp-tailed grouse, elephants, tigers, lions, wolves,  and cheetahs, every creature is endangered by trophy killing…

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