The Most Barbaric Video You will See This Year

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

And nobody’s doing anything about it.

Watch the following video of a coyote hound hunter in Wisconsin pushing his dogs to harass and terrify a defenseless coyote.

I turned this video over to a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources  Conservation Warden.  The warden did a full investigation and turned it over to the District Attorney as a case for animal cruelty. District Attorney, Doug Drexler, in Florence County, Wisconsin, (715-528-3362), refuses to pursue any legal charges against the perpetrators. Also, he has not returned my phone call.

Now, let’s back up and look at this Right to Hunt Act that is being pushed through the Wisconsin legislature by these; same hunters who pushed  their dogs to attack a helpless and defenseless coyote.

The Right to Hunt Act is legislation that would make it illegal to follow, photograph or record hunters ​if one does, then fines of up to $10,000 fine and…

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