A Question of Ethical Hunting: Deer-baiting problem persists in Minnesota hunt

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Several problems exist today when it comes to hunting. Ethical hunts require hard work, but in today’s world of hunting that doesnt appear to be the case. More and more hunters are relying on shortcuts (using baits) to catch the big game. Baiting game is prevelent in the world of hunting especially in Wisconsin and Minnesota. These hunters use baits to catch the biggest trophy.

I have stated many times that trophy hunts are about power not conservation. Using baits to catch big game isn’t about conservation. Using bait to attract and kill a wild animal is not ethical hunting. Therefor, several problems exist today when it comes to hunting; for more on this «question of ethical hunting» read the following article on deer baiting problems in Minnesota.

SourceDuluth News TribuneDeer-baiting problem persists in Minnesota hunt By Sam Cook on Nov 15, 2015 at 9:03 a.m.

Corn, apples…

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