«Wolf Pack Meets A Coyote» @ Howlers Inn

Howling For Justice

Howlers Inn is a bed and breakfast in Bozeman, Mt that is also a wolf sanctuary for wolves who cannot be returned to the wild. They are all neutered but still live as a pack with an alpha pair.  There are two enclosures, one is three acres and the other one acre.

Howlers Inn Bed & Breakfast & Wolf Sanctuary

«The Wolf Sanctuary at Howlers Inn was set up to house captive-bred wolves that can not be released into the wild. Wolves have joined us from all over North America. All our wolves are spayed or neutered. At present we have two separate enclosures: one a 3-acre enclosure with a seasonal pond and creek, trees, boulders; the other a 1-acre enclosure also with a seasonal creek, trees and boulders. Income from the inn and donations from guests and friends support the wolves. We are not federally funded and…

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