A new amendment on the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act would remove wolves from federal protections in four states.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Take action for wolves in the Great Lakes Region and Wyoming. Wolf advocates must focus all their efforts on stopping the new ammendment that would remove federal protections in four states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Wyoming. If this ammendment passes wolf hunts in these states will resume again.

Out of all the states that hunt wolves, only Wisconsin allows hound hunters to use unleashed packs of dogs to hunt wolves. Wisconsin, quite literally, throws “dogs to the wolves.” (Source)

Young wolf killed in Wisconsin’s third wolf hunt. Wisconsin is the only state that allows unregulated wolf hound hunting.

Minnesota and Wyomng states were no better at protecting an endangered species just of the list. Minnesota used snares to trap wolves that quite literally strangled them. Wyoming ordered wolves shot on site.

“This is yet another special-interest driven attack on gray wolves that will lead to the vicious and cruel slaughter…

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