My Visit To Madam Yang ~~ March 2016



12969390_1064275123632286_1511279109_n Madam Yang’s daughter in law


12939238_1064133286979803_1405229144_n How many people live in Tianjin

12969247_1064232200303245_614371611_n One of Madam Yang’s shelters


12919227_1058754784184320_1265394290_n Working at the new shelter

12910092_1058756697517462_1330281852_n All four buildings on the left are being converted into new housing for Madam Yang’s rescues


I arrived in Tianjin China after 2 days travelling from Spain. My first impression of the city, as I stepped down from the bus in Tianjin bus station, that there is a lot of poverty here. There were many areas that can only be described as shanty towns and rubbish was piled high and everywhere. The smog was almost choking and the sun was completely blocked out by it. Most of the trees looked dead. The date.. the 19th March 2016. I arrived at my hotel exhausted, but really looking forward to meeting the person who was the main reason for my visit, Yang Xiaoyun, affectionately known as Madam Yang.

The following day…

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