Andrea Thalasinos will be reading from her novel ‘Fly By Night’ on Thursday 7 pm May 5th at Barnes and Noble in Madison.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Thalasinos will be reading from her new novel, Fly By Night, on Thursday, 7pm, May 5, 2016 Barnes and Noble West Towne, 7433 Mineral Point Road, Madison Wisconsin. Come find out how a single act of kindness can change the course of many histories.

Meet Andrea Thalasinos, Author of Fly By Night

Author Event atBarnes and Noble

Thursday May 05, 2016 7:00 PM

On the day marine biologist Amelia Drakos receives word that funding for her Seahorse Laboratory has been cut, she discovers that her deceased father had lived a secret life. Amelia ventures to her father’s old property and finds a litter of wolf-hybrid pups. Soon, she’s embroiled in an angry environmental debate regarding reinstatement of wolf hunting in Wisconsin and meeting her brother.

‘Fly By Night’ book orders click HERE

Author of the novel ‘Fly By Night’ Andrea Thalasinos

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