Wolves kill 17 bighorn sheep being raised to sell to hunting clubs and game preserves across America for trophy hunts

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

If you are running an operation that breeds prized bighorn sheep for stocking game preserves throughout America for trophy hunters why wouldn’t you maintain secure fencing? This operation run bysheep farmers Paul and Judy Canik in Butternut, WI,is in wolf country. Will they be reimbursed for their loss? Will they be held accountable to maintain secure fencing in known wolf range? Will the taxpayers have to pay for their loss?

This story hit the news in Wisconsin this week: Wolves kill 17 prized sheep in Price County, leave farming couple to rebuild 06/24/2016leaving out the words ‘bighorn sheep raised for trophy hunters’ in the title causes concern and sympathy for the negligent operators of this game farm.

They say they have to rebuild after wolves kill 17 sheep being raised for trophy hunts.

«All 17 were a variety of bighorn sheep, being raised to breed and…

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