Action Alert: The plight of Norway’s 68 wild wolves rests in the hands of politicians 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Photograph by Kjell Erik. Erik took this picture while sitting in full camuflage during the deer hunt. This female wolf was killed two months later in defence of a hunting dog during the elkhunt in October.

Aga Zakoscielna lives and works in Norway and is a strong advocate of protecting Norway’s imperiled wolf. I asked her to send me information on the plight of Norway’s wolf so we could educate and activate our readers.

Norway and Sweden are sharing one wolf population that lives for the most part in Sweden (about 410 wolves in total), but has also settled in the eastern part of Norway along the Swedish border. The wolves were more or less extinct and there were no breeding couples in Norway during the 60’s-80’s. In 1973 the wolves were listed as critically endangered and have slowely made a comeback since then.

It is not the farmer nor…

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