So happy together — Supporters of Kentucky State bill SB139 reducing horses to livestock status

Tuesday's Horse

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER (KENTUCKY) — Here are quotes from the Paulick Report regarding Kentucky state bill SB139 from groups and individuals openly excited about the prospect of Kentucky horses being reduced to livestock status. There is an Action Alert for Kentuckians immediately following.

From our experience many of them are pro horse slaughter. We don’t know any of them that are against it. They haven’t publicly said so that we can find. If they have and we missed it, please let us know.

Let’s start off with KEEP and the person who put the bill together and is pushing it through.

“Securing livestock classification of horses and equine has been among the top policy priorities of the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP), since being founded in 2004.”

Per Sen. Robin Webb of Grayson County who sponsored Senate Bill 139: “Our statutes have been historically inconsistent with the designation of…

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