Horse slaughter and horse meat production — A global perspective

Tuesday's Horse

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — The global distribution of horse meat production can be visualized in this map where the darker colors indicate higher volumes. This data is based on the most recent available FAO numbers published in 2013.

Note that this map has been modified to eliminate the FAO horse meat data in the US due to reasons explained previously.

Horse Meat Production Map by Jane Allin

A total of 77 countries slaughter horses for their meat. These can be divided into 5 major regions:

• Africa – 13 countries
• Americas – 15 countries (not including the U.S.)
• Asia – 12 countries
• Europe – 33 countries
• Oceania – 4 countries

Table 1 — Horse Meat Produced and Number of Horses Slaughtered Worldwide by Region — 2013

Table 1 shows the global production share of horse meat and horses slaughtered by region with accompanying pie charts indicating the percentage each region contributes…

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