Mother-daughter team up with kill buyer to save horses from slaughter

Tuesday's Horse

PEABODY, KAN. — Donald Bradley, reporting for the Kansas City Star, writes:

Every day, often several times a day, Saje Bayes drives the dirt road to the kill lot.

There she sees the horses that will soon be loaded on a truck to Mexico for slaughter.

Saje and her mother, Amy Bayes, save the ones they can.

“New ones show up all the time,” said Saje, 20, a college student. “I need to see them.”

In the dark, sometimes secretive world of horse slaughter in America — a longtime controversy that some think may soon kick back up with a new president — a natural enmity exists between horse rescue groups and “kill buyers,” the grim term used for those who purchase horses to resell them to Mexican slaughter plants.

Then there’s Saje (pronounced sage) and Amy Bayes, who run Greenwood Stables and Equine Horse Rescue. They have…

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