Action Alert: Idaho Department of Fish and Game seeks public input on allowing the use of bait to hunt wolves

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Idaho Department of Fish and Game is considering; Developing rules to allow use of bait to hunt wolves in game management units and seasons to be set by Commission proclamation; Notice of Intent Filing Jane 5, 2017.

Comment Period: 7/5/2017 to 7/26/2017

Idaho is drafting plans to use bait to draw in wolves making it easier to kill them. Please make your comment to Idaho Fish and Game known; that you do not support hunting of wolves or let alone the baiting of wolves to make it easier for trophy hunters to kill them. Do you support allowing the use of bait as a method of take for harvesting wolves?Click HERE to comment

The War on Wolves continues in Idaho. Wolf hunting is legal in Idaho.

September 1, 2009 First wolf killed as Idaho opens hunting season:

«The human population successfully eradicated wolves from this region in the early…

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