My days in the “Alpi Marittime” Park in Italy 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

By Brunella Pernigotti
During this hot Italian summer I spent some days in a little Ligurian village, called Rezzo, in the Maritime Alps: this chain of mountains divides Piedmont, where I live, from Liguria and their climate is mitigated by the wet and warm drafts coming from the sea, which is very close to their slopes. For these reasons, Maritime Alps represent the ideal way for wolves to go along when they migrate from South to North of Italy, with the intention to stay or to head to the other European contries. In fact these mountains are covered by steep and thick woods where many wild animals live, but very few humans live.

This is the official video of the park I visited

I wanted to have a closer look at those places, and to talk with a few inhabitants of that village: they are mostly shepherds or farmers, there…

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